Card of the Day: Four of Wands

4 of wands, Maori Tattoo Tarot

Card of the Day:

Four of Wands

Give your Imagination a Motion

Four of Wands represents situations of excitement and celebration, reunion in personal life or a fruitful partnership in business. It is time to enjoy advantages of a prosperous life. The notable features of this card include anticipating success, receiving a reward, experiencing happiness, and feeling delights. From a philosophical point of view, this card is about entertainment.

What entertains you? Is it a material thing? However, all material decay and disappear, but things that are imagined will be with you forever. There is an abundance of dominant sensing quality with little of an axillary quality of thinking. This type of person lives in the dynamic equilibrium between inspirations and mundane responsibilities. A lack of material attachments gives such person light and unencumbered living. On the Four of Wands card of the Maori Tattoo Tarot deck, a warrior widens the eyes and stretches out his tongue, performing Haka (a traditional Maori war dance) with four wands. Haka symbolizes celebrations and an imagined war too.

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by Victor Paul, The Rising Sun Publishing House

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