Card of the Day: Ten of Pentacles

Ten of pentacles, Maori Tattoo Tarot

Card of the Day:

Ten of Pentacles

I’m a foundation of the mountain of my future generations.

The Ten of Pentacles card’s meanings range around wealth, good fortune, and prosperity that may come from inheritance, estates, business, or even social position. It is not a sudden luck or a game of chance: easily obtained money is quickly spent, but the cumulative achievement of a lifetime. Only a person with the Ten of Pentacles card’s qualities is able to overcome gravity and inertia of the matter, making the great work of own spiritual transformation towards wealth. Wealth is a result of prior ideas and past deeds’ materialization. The ancients said, “Wealth needs to get beyond itself.”

In the Ten of Disks (Pentacles) card of the Maori Tattoo Tarot deck, a man who kneels with ten disks on his shoulders is depicted. He is going to rise with the load of his wealth instead of standing on it. He doesn’t try to bring himself closer to heaven; he brings his wealth to heaven. Thus, he shows that he isn’t going to spend it but to give it to the future generations. What was inherited from ancestors should be given to children.

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by Victor Paul, The Rising Sun Publishing House

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