Card of the Day: The Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles, Maori Tattoo Tarot
Card of the Day:

The Page of Pentacles

Self-Development is the Highest Goal of your Earthly Life


The Page of Pentacles is well known for being engaged in business and finance matters. He or she is young, ready to learn things, and with a strong apprenticeship’s association. As it seems on the surface of the case, the money is the most important subject for the Page. Yes, but in a special way. The Page of Pentacles has great intentions and readiness for the challenge. At the same time, he or she takes a practical approach, focusing on the most important points. For the Page, challenge and fight are the opportunities for self-development, chances to fortify own character.

In the Maori Tattoo Tarot deck, the Page (called as Apprentice there) rehearses Haka (the ritual Maori war dance), underlying his thirst for learning. His wings symbolize his wishes to fly high, but he stands with both feet on a golden disk: a hint at his desire for earthly materialistic goals. Looking for new and better position in the material world, his gaze is directed to the future.

Stay tuned to the Page of Pentacles’s wisdom today.

‘Self-Development is the Highest Goal of your Earthly Life’ is his message to you.

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By Victor Paul, The Rising Sun Publishing House

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