The Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords meaning, Maori Tattoo tarot

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The Queen of Swords:

 A problem is a mother pregnant with a solution.

Making the way through the forest of this card’s meaning in Tarot books we can find such ‘pearls’ as ‘sad and sorrow woman’ who has some loss, even widowhood (????). Or, Queen of Swords is an honest person with a critical mind who is able to face the truth and avoid any games. She estimates a situation quickly and acts forthrightly. Having a realistic point of view and high expectations, the Queen is a straightforward person who avoids any ambiguities (Huh! Warmer!). Then, the Queens are related to motherhood (Hot!) and they understand hidden things (Red-hot!).

So, return to the Queen of Swords. What’s her wisdom?

Let’s glance at the Queen of Swords in the Maori Tattoo Tarot deck. She sits on a throne with a sword in her left hand and a fern in her right hand. Symbolically, she points her sword to the extension of her throne resembling a fern. It looks like she is ready to cut it off to grow into a new one. The first thing that a child meets after delivery is a blade by which the baby is cut off from the mother. To grow a plant we first cut its part. A single cell in order to grow into something is divided. In life, there are many analogies with the sword showing that the life itself is sustained by means of cutting. Life is a substance which is hidden within, but in order to grow it should be released. Every problem has a solution within. When the solution is released the problem is not a problem anymore, it becomes a mother of a new idea.

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by Victor Paul, The Rising Sun Publishing House

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