The Queen of Pentacles: Value Your Life, Don’t Depreciate it

Queen of Pentacles, Maori Tattoo TarotTraditionally, the Queen of Pentacles is generous and caring without pretensions and affectations. She is ready to be in service for others and is responding to people’s needs.

The question is why this so ‘earthly’ queen does so. What point is in it? What is the life lesson?

To understand the hidden card’s meaning, let’s look at the card. The Queen is holding a fern with a golden disk resting on it. She doesn’t touch it. It seems she knows the value of her life. How much? It’s a good question. The answer is to the extent to which she values her life in the material world.

The key word here is ‘reciprocity’. The universe, a universal life-giver, responds to us in return for our efforts to be alive and as much as we ask. Ones upon a time it was called ‘a bargain with the devil’ and old seers knew how to negotiate it. Value your life, don’t depreciate it.

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By Victor Paul

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